Parasite Style Support

So this week I decided to flex my design skills.  I did some research into a game I play, League of Legends, and created a Champion.  I will talk about my design decisions to the best of my ability.  Obviously everyone of these abilities will change in playtesting but the overall themes and interactions would hopefully remain.  Numbers were added to help give a comparison of this champion to other champions, but are only included in the Google doc version.

The full Game Design Document can be found here.  For this Post I will talk about each of the abilities individually and I will talk about my design decisions behind each ability.  If you enjoy looking at numbers and balancing, I have a spreadsheet that shows a lot of my work here.

Disclaimer:  I give Riot permission to use any/all of these ideas, they are just ideas, implementation is what is will make this champion fun if at all.

Passive: Adaptation

This champion’s stats change based on other champion distance to him.  If an ally is nearby he gains armor and magic resist based on the distance they are from him.  If an enemy is close to this champion to him he gains additional AD and AP.

Additional Notes:

If this champion and an ally/enemy occupy the same space this champion receives the maximum benefit.  The maximum distance this benefit is received is slightly larger than Evelynn’s invisibility circle: 750 approximately



Design Choice:

My intent with this champion was to be a defensive support.  Slow the enemy, block hits, and stay alive.  This was to provide additional damage reduction and create threat when charging and attaching to an enemy.  The defensive benefit will be small unless this champion stays close to their adc.

Q: Weaken

This champion places a dot on target enemy champion that deals minor magic damage every 2.5 seconds for 5 seconds.  Every time an ally deals damage to this enemy champion with a basic attack, the enemy champion will be dealt the magic damage again.

Every time the target is dealt damage by this ability, this Champion gains armor and magic resist for 6 seconds and the target loses 2 armor and 2 magic resist for 6 seconds.  This armor and magic resist transfer stacks and its duration resets each time damage is dealt.

Find Host Changes:

    If the Host is an enemy, this ability is applied as a continuous debuff to the host and this ability can be used on an additional target.

    If the Host is an ally, this ability changes to:


When activated, the host’s next auto attack will apply this ability to its target. The host and this champion both receive the armor and magic resist benefit.

Design Choices:

I wanted an ability that could foster teamwork, increase tankiness, and maybe be harassment in limited use.  The main goal was to foster teamwork, so having the damage dealt by their ally’s contribution to their harrass was ideal.  The stealing of Armor and Magic resist gives this ability additional threat and fits the theme of a parasite.  

The Range was chosen to give this champion one ability they can use without guaranteed to be harassed.  This champion will be more about the counter engage so this using Weaken will most likely cause this champion to be attacked if it is not used at the right time.

When testing this champion I would watch the Damage, armor gain, and magic resist throughout their scaling in the game.  I would also keep an eye on how often this debuff is triggered in team fights (It will probably be too much). This is not the main portion of this champion’s kit and should take a back seat to changes on other abilities.

W: Feed

This champion deals magic damage to all surrounding enemy minions and champions.  This champion heals for a percentage of his health based on the number of minions and champions hit. This ability heals more for each champion hit than for each minion hit.

Find Host Changes:

If the Host is an enemy, this range is increased to 550.

If the Host is an ally, this ability changes to:


This champion sacrifices a percentage of its health to restore health to the host.

Design Choices:

This ability is here to give this champion survivability in lane.  The mana cost was determined by looking at other healing abilities and was eventually settled that nunu’s most closely resembled what this did.  Unlike triumphant roar, I do not believe the mana cost needs to change with rank because its use should not be limited by available mana in later stages of the game.

Damage was set to have lower base amount because it is AOE damage.  The damage was chosen to scale off of maximum health after looking at Braum’s damage on winter’s bite.  The damage portion of this ability is minimal to the effect of the champion but, if it hits all five enemies it can become a problem

The Range was based off of  Amumu’s Despair.  It feels like a good range for this ability.  This champion must get close to the enemy to gain back life, but the threat of paralyzing Injection should make these skirmishes more successful.

When deciding what cooldown to use, I looked at triumphant roar, imbue and consume.  Both Triumphant roar and imbue can heal allies and can have their cooldowns reduced.  I believe this will heal less than all three abilities early on but as the game progresses, it will surpass them.  So giving this ability a static cooldown ensures it can be used more often than all three early buffing its early game and curving its scaling.

At first I had the Host benefit be a reduced cooldown, but upon further thought, I feel this ability would be easily shut down if the player just moves away from nearby minions, so increasing the range this affects looks like a more interesting choice.  It forces better player interaction than just reducing the cooldown. Amumu’s ultimate was used as a template.

Nourish is limited to be always equal to or less than the amount of health sacrificed because this champion’s health should be worth less than the host’s.

I would watch the Range, the Cooldown, and the heal amount when playtesting this ability in that order.

E: Paralyzing Injection

This champion fires a short range skillshot.  Any enemy champion hit by this injection has their movement speed reduced for 3 seconds.  This ability stacks until the total debuff would reduce the target’s movement speed by 100%.  

Find Host Changes:

If the Host is an enemy, this ability also reduces the attack speed of the champion by the same amount their movement speed is reduced by.  If this ability reduces the champion’s attack speed by 100% they are instead stunned. This allows the host to become stunlocked if left alone for too long.  

            If the Host is an ally, this ability changes to:


This champion absorbs all negative effects off of the host.  If an absorbed effect causes this champion to be stunned, he is immediately detached from the host.

Design Choices:  

I wanted a CC ability for this champion but also something that fit the flavor of a parasite inhibiting their host.  At first I had this ability reduce movement speed AND attack speed by 33% but its cooldown was so long it would not be able to stack.  While this champion was attached, they would be able to make it stack rather quickly.  This made the ability seem useless to me outside of being attached.

To solve this problem I reduced the cooldown of the attack so it can normally stack if used correctly.  This gave the main attack meaning in my mind.  Now the main attack was too strong seeing as it could stun lock a champion with relative ease.  I separated the attack speed slow to only exist on the ultimate to give the ultimate more power with respect to the base attack.  I feel this ability now feels slightly like cassiopeia’s noxious bite but for utility purposes.  

When playtesting this ability I would watch the mana cost first and foremost, then the cooldown with respect to the duration, and finally keeping an eye on the range.  If this ability feels like it can be activated to early, then this champion should be able to catch nearly all champions.

R: Find Host!

Mana: 120

Cooldown: 90/75/60

Range: 1000

Radius: 175

Duration: 8/10/12

    This champion launches itself in a toward a targeted area of radius 175.  This champion will attach to the champion closest to the center of the targeting circle.  If there are no champions present in the targeted area, this cooldown is reduced by half.  When this Champion hits another champion, that champion becomes the host.

While attached to a Host, this champion cannot move.  This champion will stay with the host through all speed boosts, jumps, Invisibility,  Teleport, and Flash.  They will not turn invisible with the champion that goes invisible.  For specific Champion ability interactions, please consult the list in the additional notes below.

This Champion can only stay attached to a single target for 6/7/8 seconds, this ultimate can be reactivated while attached a Host to jump to another targeted area of radius 175.  If the ability hits another champion, this champion will attach to the new champion, after a one 1 second delay. This can only be used once to jump between Hosts.  If the ult is activated again, this champion will jump away 450 spaces from the side they were attached to and detach from the Host, ending the ultimate.

- If host champion is an ally, this champion attaches to their back.  All skillshot and damage coming at the host’s back is instead hits this champion

- If host champion is an enemy, this champion attaches to their face.


While attached this champion  will not be affected by:

Blinds, Entangles, Forced Actions, Slows, Roots, Any Cleanse, Any Knock Asides, Some Knockups, and Some Knockbacks

This champion can be removed from their host after:

End of the Ultimate, Any stun, All Flings/Grabs except Diana’s Moonfall and Darius’s Apprehend,  Any knockback attack that displaces this champion by 300 units or more, Any Suppression, Any Polymorph, this Champion’s Death, and Death of the Host.

Design Choices:

This ability is the major component of this champion.  I wanted a champion that would mimic the movement of another and I designed the kit around this attachment ability.  This also helped me decide to target this champion more toward the support role because I feel this ability would be too hard to balance in any non team fighting capacity.  Bottom lane naturally experiences the most of this, and that reinforced my choice.

The hardest choice with this ability is how it can be cancelled/ended.  Right now I believe there is sufficient immunities and removals as a starting point for this ultimate, much will probably change in playtest. I went with knockbacks like Alistar’s headbutt because I felt it made sense that a large bull charging you would knock this champion off their perch.  The reason I excluded airborne knockups was because I feel it is too difficult to limit detachment by timing of how long the knockup would last (1 second or greater).  If all abilities that knocked up the champion would detach them, miniscule abilities would end the ult.  Examples would be, Blitzcrank’s power fist, nami’s wave, riven’s final jump.  These all felt inappropriate to end this ultimate.

At first I had this ability focus on only one champion, but the amount of time the ultimate would last felt too short for what this champion would do.  I expected this champion to lock down a character, if left alone for too long, with paralyzing injection.  If the ult lasted too long, this champion felt overpowered (Concept wise), if the ultimate was too short (6 seconds) the Host would only be stunned for 2 or 3 seconds at the end of the ultimate, which did not feel strong enough.  What ultimately helped me decide to change the ultimate was the fact that once the player found the host, they no longer had any interesting decisions to be made.

I finally decided on the ability to jump between two champions to allow more decisions for the player.  Before, the player’s only choice was, jump to enemy, use all my abilities quickly, detach when it feels right.  Which that change, the player has to choose if they want to use each ability on this host or their next.  They also have another chance to use it as an escape by jumping between hosts to avoid stuns and other abilities that would detach this champion.