A Second look at the Parasite Style Support

Back in 2014 I made a post about a support for League of Legends and I wanted to take a second look at that champion here.  

The goals of these changes are to:

  •  firmly identify the champion as a support
  • Provide more room for mastery
  • Provide more interesting choices for the player

The main abilities I looked at changing are W:Feed/Nourish and the Passive Adaptation.  I also had smaller tweaks to E: Paralyzing injection and the Ultimate Find Host!

I am thematically happy with the Q:Weaken and its changes would come from playtesting to see if the correct stats are being siphoned from enemies and in the correct amounts.

Find Host!

  • Mana: 100
  • Cast Time: 0.5 sec
  • Required Jump Time: 6/7/8
  • Range: 1000
  • Radius: 175
  • Cooldown: 60/45/30

This champion launches itself in a toward a targeted area of radius 175.  This champion will attach to the champion closest to the center of the targeting circle.  If there are no champions present in the targeted area, this abilities cooldown.  When this Champion hits another champion, that champion becomes the host.

While attached to a Host, this champion cannot move.  This champion will stay with the host through all speed boosts, jumps, Invisibility,  Teleport, and Flash.  They will not turn invisible with the champion that goes invisible.  For specific Champion ability interactions, please consult the list in the additional notes below.

(New) While this ability is going, this champion must jump off of its host before the required Jump Time or this ability will go on cooldown and this champion will be stunned for 0.5 seconds. 

  • If host champion is an ally, this champion attaches to their back.  All skillshot and damage coming at the host’s back is instead hits this champion
  • If host champion is an enemy, this champion attaches to their face.  All of their auto attacks instead hit this champion.

While attached this champion  will not be affected by:

  • Blinds
  • Entangles
  • Forced Actions
  • Slows
  • Roots
  • Any Cleanse
  • Any Knock Asides
  • Some Knockups
  • Some Knockbacks

This champion can be removed from their host after:

  • End of the Ultimate
  • Any stun
  • All Flings/Grabs except Diana’s Moonfall and Darius’s Apprehend.
  • Any knockback attack that displaces this champion by 300 units or more.
  • Any Suppression.
  • Any Polymorph.
  • This Champion’s Death
  • Death of the Host

Additional Notes:

While travelling between champions this champion is untargetable and cannot be interrupted by anything other than death.  This should allow the champion to use the second jump as an escape from potentially being detached.

Design Choices

This ability was changed to feel more like a changed state for the champion rather than a huge game changing ability.  I want the player to be able to use this ability during every major fight so that their fight pattern is a choice between when they need to use their abilities in champion form, and when they best help there team in parasite form. This play pattern evolves even further when the player now must choose who and when they need to choose for their host within a teamfight. This removal of the duration and the general CD reduction both help open up more options to the player and make for a more interesting champion.

Finally, the player is able to jump off of a host, choosing to end the parasite state sooner, and is rewarded with a shorter Cooldown.

E: Paralyzing Injection

  • Mana Cost: 40
  • Damage: 25/ 35/45/55/65 (+10% AP)
  • Effect: 17%/20%/25%/30%/35%
  • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
  • Range: 600 (50 lower than standard attack range)

This champion fires a short range skillshot.  Any enemy champion hit by this injection has their movement speed reduced for 3 seconds.  This ability stacks until the total debuff would reduce the target’s movement speed by 100%.  

(New) The cost of the next injection is increased by 50% for the next 8 seconds upon cast.  This effect stacks. 

(New)  When this effect expires on the champion, that champion becomes immune to this ability for 5 seconds.

Find Host Changes:

If the Host is an enemy, this ability also reduces the attack speed as well.  If this ability reduces the champion’s attack speed by 100% they are instead stunned. This allows the host to become stunlocked if left alone for too long.  

If the Host is an ally, this ability changes to:

Adrenaline shot

  • Cost: 40
  • Effect: 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%
  • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
  • Duration 2 seconds

The Host gains attack speed and movement speed for 2 seconds.  This effect stacks.  Upon reaching 100%, this champion is stunned for .5 seconds and the host gains a 50% damage increase for 2 seconds.

Design Choices:  
I wanted a CC ability for this champion but also something that fit the flavor of a parasite inhibiting their host.  An ability that slowly builds up into something very dangerous was what I was aiming for in feel.  AddtionalIy the ramping up mana cost was added to give a bigger commitment to the player when they choose to engage.  Finally, the immunity added when the debuff expires was added so that if the player choose not to replenish their slow stacks, the enemy has a larger window of opportunity to strike back against this champion.

As for the change Adrenaline Shot, With the CC immunity spell moving over to the W, I felt there was more room to buff the allied host in this situation.  I thematically went the direct opposite of a paralyzing injection but tuned the numbers slightly.  

Nourish was very nice in keeping the carries alive, but I felt this champion could be more interesting while still providing the same function. The attack speed is nice, but the movement speed is what will help keep the carries safe, this also allows for a higher level of mastery for your team with this champion.

Passive: Adaptation

This champion’s stats change based on other champion distance to it.  If an ally is nearby, this champion shifts into defensive mode and gains armor and magic resist.  If an enemy is the closest champion to this champion, this champion shifts into offensive mode and gains additional Move Speed and slow resistance.  This champion can only swap shift between modes once every 5 seconds.  The values will still change, but the mode will not.

Ally proximity is always prioritized over enemy proximity.

Design Choice:

My intent with this champion was to be a defensive support.  Slow the enemy, block hits, and stay alive.  This was to provide additional damage reduction and create threat when charging and attaching to an enemy.  The MS and slow reduction was chosen because I wanted offensive mode to provide more threat.  The MS and slow reduction gives more chase down potential when trying to catch the enemy with a paralyzing injection chain.

The shift CD was added to give more control to the player.  This allows the players to plan to shift into Offensive mode when they need to chase someone down.  The shift will only occur when the player gets closer to the enemy than their ally, and then they have at least a 5 second window where they can chase.  But this shift also gives a predictable window of opportunity to the enemy where this champion is much easier to kill due to the loss in free armor.

W: Absorb

  • Mana Cost: 60
  • Range: Self
  • Cooldown: 20/18.5/17/15.5/14
  • Cast Time 0.25

This champion braces and absorbs the next damaging ability hitting it.  The champion then gains a shield for 5 seconds, absorbing the damage type it was just dealt. The ability’s effects are still applied, but the shield is applied before the damage is dealt.

If the damage was physical, the shield will absorb physical damage but the champion will take additional damage from magical sources while the shield is present. If the damage was magical, visa versus. If the damage was true damage than the shield will absorb all damage and there will be no damage magnification.

Find Host Changes:

If the Host is an enemy this ability changes to:


The champion analyzes the next ability that hits its host, causing its host to take additional damage from that type of damage for the next 6 seconds, regardless of whether this champion is still attached.

If the Host is an ally, this ability changes to:

This champion blocks the next incoming attack to its host, taking the damage instead.  All abilities that deal damage of the absorbed ability’s type to the host, are instead dealt to this champion for the next 5 seconds.  This effect ends after 5 seconds or when Find Host ends.

The next (base value + % max health) damage of that type taken by its host is instead taken by this champion.  This effect ends when Find Host ends.

Design Choices:

I felt like feed was a jungle or solo lane ability.  The AoE damage would hurt the bottom lane’s wave control in most solo queue games, and using the heal did not really offer any interesting decisions for the player.  It was just, find many minions or champs and heal when nearby.

I still wanted to give this character some type of survivability but I wanted to follow up with the theme of adapting.  I felt that a shield would help survivability against poke comps, although, engage comps are really where he would shine, and it offered an interesting choice to the player.  This would act as a nice damage reduction and a good tanking tool, but also had the drawback of leaving yourself more exposed to other champions.  This, offers the enemy a nice chance for counterplay.  The ability’s trigger would be noticeable by the change in color of this champion’s health bar and they could adjust their focus to attack this champion to kill it faster.  But is this champion really the biggest threat at the time, is still up to the players to determine.


With these changes, the champion is firmly placed in the support role as the champion has no wave clear, is mostly defensive in stats, and has a strong CC ability.  Next, the mastery of this champion increased significantly with the increase duration and options on the Ultimate, the timing mechanics on W's absorption, and finally, the shifting modes for the passive.  Before w and the passive were both very passive abilities, now they both have at least some active component with the W being a very skill based ability.  Both of these abilities allow for a bit more player skill to be involved.  

I am happy with the current state of this champion and the decisions to be made around the Find Host and the timing required for each of the abilities.  There is a lot of mastery to be had and this is a champion I would want to play.