Our First Build

This post will be more design focused because we made this first build hoping to allow potential sound designers to play our game before making a sample track for us.

Here is our first Build. 

This was my first time assembling a build in unity. It was not as simple as clicking the build button  after the build settings have been determined and the levels correctly ordered. It turns out that NGUI has some specific requirements when it comes to fonts and effects.  So i had to hurriedly find a font and put it into the build.  The current one is not permanent, it hurts to read. Once the build was working, I needed to ensure the players would know how to play, so I made a controls screen as shown below.

Controls screen.png

It is not the most impressive screen, but it gets the job done (I hope).  Eventually we plan to make the game's first levels teach the player as they go.  Once this screen was complete, I needed to make sure we had levels that showed the games current features and gave an overall feel of the game.  Because of a change I made to the level editor, our previous levels did not work, so I needed to start from scratch.

I created a list of features and the order in which I wanted to introduce them.  Eventually, I decided on 10 levels:

Level 1 - Show how to place springs for the first time

Level 2- Show backwards conveyors

Level 3- Another level with just springs being placed

Level 4 - Show that springs can be placed in mid air but at a higher price

Level 5 - Allow the player to place conveyors

Level 6 -  show the player that the fan object exists

Level 7 - Let the player get used to the fan objects in a more complicated level

level 8 - Show the player the furnace object exists

Level 9 - more practice with the furnace

Level 10 - allow the player to place the fan

If I had more time (it was 3 am that night and I could not work on it the next day), I would have had more buffer levels between the placing of conveyors, introduction of the fan, and introduction of the furnace.  I also would have had more levels where the player can place fans because that is where the game will really start to shine.

Level 5's Tiled view

Level 5's Tiled view

Again I am really happy with the Tiled Level editor code i wrote because it allowed me to push out these levels in 2 to 3 hours.  These are just some examples of the levels I made.

Level 9 Picture Musician's Build.png