I worked with Hydro-Gear and Team 221 to create a simulation to showcase their new Dynamic Stability Assist system and 2017 GIE Expo.  Dynamic Stability assist corrects a zero turn mower's heading by manipulating the wheels speeds.

As you can see in the video above, there are two scenarios.  First the player drives through a bumpy straight line trying to avoid the sphere places at the sides.  This first scenario is done unassisted.  The second scenario, the users have access to the Dynamic Stability Assist.  Whenever the lap bars are parallel, the system will assume the user wants to go straight and will active the system.  As you can see in the video, if the user trusts the system the Dynamic Stability assist will easily correct for the bumps.

The mower sends the two lap bar positions to the game.  The game uses that serial data to calculate the force to add at each wheel and returns the model's rotation to the system.  The system then appropriately tilts the table mower is on.

I am no artist so the UI was provided by Christina Andriano and it really helped this project stand out at the Expo.  

This simulator was well received and there are talks of additional work to add more scenarios and improve upon the controls for next year.