6d’s of Duelling

6ds of Duelling is a Player vs Player Tabletop role playing game for 2 to 6 players and 1 Game Master. The players play as lone gunslingers who all happened about this poor unsuspecting town at the same time.  Each player has a gun, 6 bullets, 6 skills, a past, a reason for coming, and a reason for leaving. A player’s reason for coming which they can complete to win.  If they are killed or their reason for leaving is triggered, they lose and leave the game.

6Ds of Duelling Character Sheet.png

Constant Dice Rolling

The game is played with each player having their own set of 6 six-sided dice (d6).  Each player has the following 6 actions they may perform: 6 - Dash, 5 - Deploy, 4 - Disable, 3 - Discover, 2 - Discuss, and 1- Dance.  To do a successful action, a player must have 3 stored dice’s whose number is equal to that skill’s number. If a player would like to Dash, they would to have three stored dice that landed on 6.

A skill with at least three appropriately stored dice is considered a Bullseye.  Any number of dice less is considered muddied. Players can roll the dice as many times as they want but all active dice must be rolled at the same time. A player can store any dice that they want to keep, these dice are no longer active and cannot be rerolled normally.  Players can roll as often as they want until they get their desired results, BUT THE GAME DOES NOT STOP FOR ROLLING.


Character Story Focus

All characters have a reason for coming to this town, this is a secret from all other players.   The group will then select a person, place, or thing in the town to be the focus of all player’s Reason for Coming.  Based on this selected reason, players will then write down their Reason for Coming. This reason must be directly related to the selected reason and shared with the GM.

When the game ends, the players will all tell their stories, revealing their reasons for coming and reasons for leaving. Players then vote on which player’s story was the most interesting while also most true to their reasons.  The player with the most votes wins the game. In the case of a tie, the GM decides. That player also wins the game. The player who Exits Stage may also win this award.


Multiple ways to play

Siblings/Lovers Variant

If a character is killed, they get a new character, who is in some way related to the previous character” with the same skills and reasons, but in addition to their reason for coming they also have “Kill the character who killed your character” that must be completed as well.