Masquerade is a party game so to speak.  This game is not played at a table but in the midst a party.  Players will be placed in teams and given other players in the party as targets. The goal of the game is to make sure the target on their team, has fewer cross hair cards than the targets on the other teams.  Each player will be given a "Mask" card that will look similar to the picture below.  The "Mask" will tell them certain ways they must act.  The "Mask" card also includes information about two of your teammates but not all of them.  The number in the upper left denotes what team you are on.  Mask cards are to remain hidden from other players throughout the game.

A Cosplayer.png

 Once everyone is given their "Mask" cards they are given a cross hair card as well.  This is the card they will give to another player they believe is their target.  Then the targets are revealed to all players along with vague information about them and their teammates.  Everyone is allowed to give away cross hair cards except the targets, they must keep all cross hair card given to them.  All players are allowed to conceal the cross hair cards in any manner they choose as long as they still have possession of those cross hair cars. The games last as long as the players feel is necessary.  I find that 2 to 3 hours works best.  Before the game ends, the players are given a  15 minute warning so they may make their final choice of who to give their cross hairs too.