Example of the conversation tree 2.png

Gameplay Overview

The Story of Ven is a investigative adventure game.  Each level is an open world zone where the player will need to decide how to complete the objective with very different methods.  An Example of an objective would be, a Diplomat just met with a Senator and you need to know what went on during that meeting.  There will be  different methods through with the player can obtain this information and not all are revealed to the player.  Examples of these methods would be as follows: Copy the Diplomat's notes from their notebook, talk the diplomat and Senator's assistant into revealing the information to you. Another option that may reveal itself throughout the level, an example of this would be to copy the information from the Senator's assistant's notebook.

The game consists of two major interactions.  The first interaction is the exploration and investigation that takes place in first person mode, where the player will search rooms, unlock doors and sneak around to gather information as they attempt to complete each level’s objective. The player gathers information about the level and the characters in it to accomplish their objective/objectives.  Each piece of information gathered will unlock more Intractable objects, other conversation options, or the location of further information.

The second major interaction takes place in NPC conversations.  This half is another form of investigation or manipulation where the player tries to convince characters to do certain tasks, or reveal specific information.  The player can intimidate, bribe, or coerce the other characters.  With each thing they say, the player can choose “role” to exemplify.  These roles include.

Alpha (Socially Dominant and Accepts Society)

Beta (Socially passive and Accepts Society)

Gamma (Socially Dominant and Rejects Society)

Delta (Socially rejected and Accepts Society)

Omega (Socially rejected and Rejects Society)

Each of these roles will slightly alter how your response is delivered and can result in the level characters accepting or rejecting you.  Depending on the nature of the NPC, different ‘roles’ will have a greater effect.  For example, is the NPC tends to be more of a beta, socially passive and accepting of society,  the Alpha role will be effective in imposing your will onto that NPC.  While the Delta role can be used to make the NPC feel more in control of and more powerful than you.

Additionally, the player will be able to reveal items in their possession to further enhance the results they receive.  Revealing specific documents may result in a character submitting to your demands, revealing money will attempt to bribe the character, and a knife can always be used to enhance a threat to name a few examples.

Conversation System

The first major system that needed to be created were the conversations the player would engage in.  I decided to use the Unity extension NGUI to handle the UI for the game.  I then looked to use XML as my method to store each individual conversation. This allowed me to write one script that can handle all conversations. This feature is explained in detail here.

Codex System

This is the next system that will be added to the game.  This will be used to track and store the information the player gains, while giving them access to it at any time.