CardPG is a generic RPG system that focuses on enabling players to control their luck, creativity create magic, with tactical and deadly combat.

Each player gets a deck of cards made from a standard deck of playing cards. This deck of cards represents their player and will improve as they do, adding new cards and removing worse ones. These cards are also used to craft the spells and attacks players will perform throughout their stories.

Awareness Skill v2.png

Skill System

The skill system allows players to express their characters and show their own mastery of the system. The system allows specific skills to benefit related skills allowing specific expressive skills without the typical issue of unrealistic associated skills. For example, a player that is a good swimmer would still be better at general athletics than someone who has no experience with athletic activities at all.

The system is very hackable allowing players to add their own skills to almost any group that they feel is related and even create groupings of their own.

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Current Status

The system is undergoing a rewrite of the rule book after some major play testing. The game should move into Beta soon and a chaotic magic Steampunk setting designed specifically for the system will be in the works shortly after.