Bumble Jumble Headline Picture.png

Bumble Jumble was made for Ludum dare 38 with 3 other team members.  We started on April 24th at 9pm EST designing for the the theme It's A Small World.  This was my first Ludum Dare and Game Jam; it went surprisingly well in my eyes.  We had out general concept decided before we went to sleep Friday night, and a fully functional game before the last 24 hours.  We spent the last 24 hours polishing and balancing the game.

It is available here for download.  I recommend using a controller.

I started on the project as programmer but my role evolved into mainly be focused on design.  I created a movement system we decided not to use as well as the rope system used for carrying the collectibles back to the hive.  From that point, I designed the level, placing all the mushrooms, controlling lighting amounts, and placing potential collectible spawn locations.  I did minor balance and scripting during the final sections of the project, creating the 3D UI, and the ability to use a controller on the main screens for example.