In my spare time I have created two board games that are at playable stages near completion.  I have ideas for two more that will be created as I find the time.


Masquerade is a icebreaker/party game that is played as an accessory to a party. Players will be placed in teams and given other players in the party as targets.  Players will spend the game talking to the other players to discover their target while either hiding their role or pretending to be another role entirely. It is in the final stages of its creation needing only a few more tweaks to individual cards and the addition of more art on each of the mask cards. Additional Information can be found on my page dedicated to the Masquerade.

Family Fortune

Players are exploring Great Aunt Judy's Mansion, revealing the house as they go, while looking for her most prized possession. They can grab any other valuable item them come across in their search. Players search rooms for items and carry those items out of the house. The player with the most money worth of goods at the end of the game wins.  Rulebook.

My most recent play test is detailed on my blog.